PermitPros LMS - Your Business License Management System

PermitPros' state of the art modern business license management system helps organizations with multi-location business units to manage and track business licenses. PermitPros LMS provides relevant insights, providing intuitive user interface which helps license management staff perform their activities with ease and productivity. It is a platform that is engineered to help your business stay compliant. PermitPros is an unmatched arsenal at the disposal of your business licensing department.

Instant Insights

Instant Insights

With our unique dashboard get real time insights into all licensing status, expirations, fees, professional certifications and much more. PermitPros Dashboard provides an overall summary without running a report. Know what renewals are coming due or are past due, statistics on fees and variety of other relevant statistics for your executives and staff to run your business license department.

Access from anywhere

PermitPros is offered as subscription based software as service in the cloud. Your team can access it from anywhere, anytime in a safe and secure manner. PermitPros uses modern technology platforms so users can use various devices to access and work.

Secure access

Application security is a primary feature of PermitPros. PremitPros applies several levels of security to access, store and work with your data. Access is authenticated and role based authorization is enforced.

Business License Management

Business License Management can be tricky and if not done well companies can incur heavy fines, business disruption, and negatively affect their brand. PermitPros is an intuitive license management system for licensing professionals to add, edit and track licenses and license expirations.


PermitPros lets users search and generate various comprehensive reports. With PermitPros you can generate excel sheets on license data. You can create your own Excel custom pivot tables for an instant snapshot into your licensing process.

Email Notifications

Email notifications are a prime feature of PermitPros. PermitPros generates emails and notifies users of important deadlines proactively.


Fees, cost of applications and penalties are critical aspects of licensing. You can add and track your fees with respect to your licenses. PermitPros allows you to make check requests easy.

Stay compliant and more..

PermitPros is a comprehensive business license management system with several features that will help you be productive and stay complaint as you work through your licensing world. PermitPros is engineered to help you take timely actions and avoid incurring penalties and fines.