PermitPros Business License Services

PermitPros offers consulting and licensing services, whether you are filing an original application or transferring an existing license or need assistance with M&As. We provide solutions and savings. With extensive knowledge of the franchising and retail industries, we deliver total license management so your business can run smoothly. Our extensive network of longstanding relationships with government agencies helps simplify the complicated process of permitting and licensing. Our knowledge of state licensing procedures ensures a smooth and positive experience. We make sure our clients are permitted correctly, timely filed, as well as, properly posted and maintained.

License Applications & Renewals

PermitPros processes initial applications, transfer applications, and renewals for all of your operating permits. Subscribe to our secure proprietary LMS and you finally have a way to keep all of your operating permits in order and properly maintained. We save you money by avoiding late fees and penalties.

Business License Compliance Research

PermitPros is state of the art modern business license management system that helps organizations with multi-location business units to manage and track business licenses and stay compliant. PermitPros LMS provides relevant executive insights, its intuitive user interfaces helps license management staff perform their activities with ease and productivity. It is a solution that is engineered to help your business stay compliant. PermitPros is an unmatched arsenal at the disposal of your business licensing department.

Transferability & Feasibility Analysis

Planning a new location? Know what is ahead of you so that you can make decisions with all of the information. PermitPros will help you understand the process and create an executable plan so you achieve your goals. We work with the biggest network who want to share their expertise with you. This service can save you money when negotiating your lease.

License Valuations

We service all segments of the alcoholic beverage industry and clients of all sizes through all stages of growth. We provide valuations for quota alcoholic beverage licenses and prepare customized reports for your tax returns and annual reports. Market knowledge is our specialty and we can help you make good decisions and put money back in your pockets

Liquor License Broker Services

Our license location service will save you time and money while leveraging the largest professional network in the business. Most importantly, if you are looking to sell a license we specialize in marketing to buyers who will close the deal. Confidentiality is our highest priority.

Audit Services

Our audit services cover reviewing applications are being submitted with correct information. This ensures you will not be charged incorrect amounts on fees and fines by authorities. Using our audit services you can file with confidence. We also provide assistance performing due diligence during acquisitions or sales, and ownership transfers of those licenses.


PermitPros team has several decades of indepth expertise in business license management providing services to companies across verticals and various states and counties within the United States. We have the right skills, knowledge and expertise to provide training and consulting for your licensing needs. Reach out to us and let us help you build your licensing competency.