PermitPros Features

PermitPros is your modern software service for business license management solution engineered and built by the coming together of industry veterans from the legal, compliance and IT world. Its built for executives who will have instant insights into their licensing department and for licensing professionals to intuitively manage their work with ease and productivity.

Instant insights

With our unique dashboard get real time and instant insights into your license expirations, fees, professional certifications and much more.

Access from anywhere

PermitPros is offered as subscription based software as service over cloud. Your team can access it from anywhere, anytime.

Secure access

PremitPros applies several levels of security to access and store your data.

Manage your Licenses

Add, edit your license information, keep track of its expirations. Search and find licenses based on a variety of criteria.

Manage your Corporate Info

Manage all information about your corporation, officers and managers-all in one place.

Manage your Fees

PermitPros allows you to keep track of fees and make check requests.

Manage your location information

PermitPros allows you to manage location information for all your business sites and ensure they are compliant.

Generate Reports

Users can search and generate various comprehensive reports.

Email notifications

PermitPros generates emails and notifies users on license renewals, expirations and important deadlines.

Stay Compliant

Partner with PermitPros and empower you license management team. With clear real time insights stay on top of license expirations, complete renewals on time. Avoid fines and penalties. Always stay compliant. PermitPros helps your license team to be productive, budget your license costs and track your fees. PermitPros is engineered to make your license management a breeze.